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Wicker Park Lutheran Church

This is an archived listing.


1500 N. Hoyne Ave.


Wicker Park


Christian Eckstorm, 1907


Built in 1907 for a congregation established in 1879, the Wicker Park Lutheran Church is an elegant Romanesque structure. The rusticated stone exterior--comprised of stones from nearby demolished buildings--conceals an elegant and bright basilica-style sanctuary. Historic elements include Munich-style stained glass windows, a wooden carving of the Last Supper by Alois Lang, and an original Möller pneumatic organ. The north wall has a series of overhead doors that can be lifted to accommodate overflow worshipers in the adjacent fellowship hall. While the building fell into disrepair during the 60s and 70s, restoration efforts beginning in the early 2000s brought both the building and the congregation back to a state of good health.

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