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The National Building

This is an archived listing.


125 S. Clark St., Suite 2070




D.H. Burnham & Co., 1907


UrbanWorks, 2018


UrbanWorks' office is located in the vintage National Building in the Chicago Loop. The main studio is a single, shared space that encourages constant communication and collaboration. Additional areas support sustained ideation, including a conference room and "Idea Space" that allows for less formal impromptu gathering in small groups in a cafe-like setting. Naturally stained wood slats provide a visually permeable separation between reception and studio and help obscure building services at the ceiling. Cork floors continue the palette of light and sustainable materials. Low-slung gray, white, and orange workstations keep the primary workspace bright and engaging. A glass-enclosed conference room permits acoustic privacy while expanding the perceived size of the reception area and reinforcing the theme of openness that drives the office and all its work.

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