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The Plant

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1400 W. 46th St.


Back of the Yards


The Plant is a research and production facility housing a collaborative community of small food businesses and organizations. In 2010, Bubbly Dynamics acquired this 100,000-square-foot former meatpacking facility and began renovating slowly but steadily, highlighting features of the original building in accordance with Bubbly Dynamics' philosophy of reimagining waste and abandoned resources as assets. Today, The Plant houses over 20 businesses, including eight indoor and outdoor farms, beer and kombucha breweries, and other emerging food producers and distributors, as well as the recently established Packingtown Museum. Also in the works is a renewable energy project featuring a massive anaerobic digester; when completed, it will consume 30 tons of food waste per day to generate energy that provides heating and cooling. The Plant is a prime example of local efforts to build a more sustainable city. See the listing for Bubbly, also known as the Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center, which is participating in OHC for the first time

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