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The Joinery


2533 W. Homer St.


Logan Square


Sat, Oct 14: Closed

Sun, Oct 15: 10am - 5pm

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available


Almost a century ago, The Joinery comprised part of an industrial corridor as a mop handle factory with its sawdust collection storage silo built into the west side of the building (where it still resides today). The building transitioned into new uses, as a weather stripping factory, then later, a letter press warehouse.

A 2-ton safe hidden behind a secret door, once owned by a known affiliate of the Chicago mob, now sits as the centerpiece of a present-day speakeasy on the upper floor of the building. And in recent decades the building was owned and operated by a custom cabinetmaker (known as a ‘joiner’ or ‘joyner’), lending it the character and name it has today as an event and social space. The innovative re-purposing infuses the space with new design elements that complement the building’s preserved history.

Visitor Experience

The entire building will be open to visitors except for the apartment upstairs. Tours are self-guided with marked signage and information provided throughout the space. The venue manager will be onsite to answer questions.