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The Coastland Co-operative Apartments


2666 E. 73rd St.


Chatham / South Shore


Sat, Oct 14: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 15: 10am - 5pm

Long Lines Photography Permitted


Charles Faulkner, 1928


Don't Miss

On Saturday and Sunday, from 1-2PM and 4-5PM, instrumental guitarist Mark Anderson will perform classical music on the Coastland private beach.


This beautiful lakefront cooperative residential building was designed in 1928 by Charles Draper Faulkner, a prolific architect of Christian Science temples. The 13-story Renaissance Revival style red-brick building is detailed in patterned flagstone and Art Deco relief-cared limestone, rather than the terra cotta so prevalent in South Shore architecture of the era.

A private beach serves as the backyard for this elegant co-op building. It has two apartments per floor, each with sweeping views of the lake and skyline. Floors 4-11 have units with wide bay windows and original decorative fireplaces and moldings, and the 12th floor apartments have ten-foot barrel ceilings. Many of the original oval entry galleries and circular breakfast nooks remain intact, as do many of the original Vitrolite (solid colored glass tiles) 1920s bathrooms.

Visitor Experience

Guests are invited to explore the front lobby, beach area and an individual vacant apartment.