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The Chicago Board of Trade Building

Not an active site.


141 W. Jackson Blvd.




Holabird & Root, 1930


One of the most beloved buildings in Chicago sits at the southern end of the LaSalle Street canyon. The imposing Art Deco Chicago Board of Trade Building is on the same site as an earlier Chicago Board of Trade Building™ from 1885. The current structure was the tallest building in Chicago upon its completion. It's notable for its three-story statue of Ceres, goddess of grain, and its stunning multi-story lobby. An expansive vault in the basement, containing thousands of steel safe deposit boxes, has sat empty for decades—making this forgotten cavern an attraction in itself. Throughout its history, the vault has secured items of importance such as trading receipts, silver bars and safe deposit boxes. It even served as a coat room. The vault was never actually used by a bank—just by traders securing their own belongings.

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