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The Arts Club of Chicago


201 E. Ontario St.




Sat, Oct 19: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 20: Closed

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available Wheelchair Accessible


Vinci/Hamp Architects, Inc., 1997


The Arts Club was founded in 1916 and has occupied eight different sites. The present building was the first to be conceived exclusively for the Arts Club. It opened in 1997 and was designed by John Vinci of Vinci/Hamp Architects, Inc. The core of the design is a staircase by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The staircase was rescued from the prior Arts Club interior at 109 E. Ontario prior to demolition. Fulfilling its founding mission to promote higher standards of art and to connect art lovers and art workers, The Arts Club has hosted public exhibitions and programs free of charge for over 100 years.

Visitor Experience

Experience both floors of the club linked by the Mies staircase. An exhibition of works by artist Abraham Cruzvillegas will be on view in the first floor public gallery space, and the private collection will be on view in the second floor clubhouse rooms.