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Sts. Volodymyr & Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church

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2245 W. Superior St.


Ukrainian Village


Worthmann & Steinbach, 1913



Sts. Volodymyr and Olha Ukrainian Catholic Parish in Chicago was founded in 1969 out of a desire to preserve and faithfully adhere to the traditions of the Ukrainian Church over generations to come. Employing the Byzantine-Ukrainian style of 11-13th century Ukraine, the church is cruciform with the altar facing east. The design avoids right angles as much as possible, favoring rounded arches and vaults and a striking gold dome. A mosaic above the entrance depicts the Christianization of Ukraine, and there is a statue of Patriarch Josyf Cardinal Slipyj (1892-1984), the parish’s founder. Patriarch Slipyj was held prisoner in the Soviet Union’s Siberian labor camps for 18 years, only released in 1963 through the intervention of Pope John XXIII and President Kennedy. He worked to restore self-government to the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Next to the church is the Ukrainian Cultural Center, completed in 1988. It is used by various parish-related groups as well as art associations, scientific organizations, and local and national professional groups.

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