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Stan Mansion


2408 N. Kedzie Blvd.


Logan Square


Sat, Oct 13: 11am - 3pm

Sun, Oct 14: 11am - 4pm

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available


Moritz F. Straugh, 1928



Hidden behind a lush garden and deceiving façade that blends in on historic Kedzie Boulevard, Stan Mansion has become a popular wedding and event venue. Constructed in just six months in 1928, it originally housed Humboldt Park Commandry No. 79 of the Knights Templar. The building remained a Masonic lodge for many years, until Cera Stan purchased it and, in 2014, restored the building to its original splendor. The unique layout means guests are surprised and delighted as they enter each individual space, from the marble-lined foyer to the elegant Ceremony Hall and opulent reception area. Stan Mansion hosts a range of events, and can accommodate 300 guests for a fabulous dinner and over 400 for a cocktail reception.

Behind the Scenes

Explore elegant and delightful spaces in this popular wedding and event venue.