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St. Thomas of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church


4827 N. Kenmore Ave.




Sat, Oct 19: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 20: Closed

Photography Permitted


Joseph W. McCarthy, 1917



St. Thomas of Canterbury is perhaps the only Catholic church in Chicago to be designed in this distinctively American Neoclassical style, with an imposing colonnade that brings to mind a bank or government building. This might have been intended to convey love of both God and country. The space is today the worship site for "the Parish that speaks five languages." Numerous shrines inside the otherwise restrained and elegant nave, lit through pastel stained-glass windows, celebrate this cultural diversity.

Visitor Experience

As you visit the shrines in this multicultural worship space--Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Thomas of Canterbury, Our Lady of La Vang and nine others--you will travel the four corners of the world without ever leaving north Kenmore Avenue.