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St. Martin's Episcopal Church


5700 W. Midway Park
Enter via courtyard between the church and the rectory.




Sat, Oct 16: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 17: 1pm - 5pm

Photography Permitted Refreshments Available Washrooms Available Wheelchair Accessible


Allan M. Barrows


Founded in 1878, St. Martin's is the last of seven Episcopal parishes that once served the area. The church was built in the 1910s in an English Gothic style with some Arts and Crafts influences and distinctive windows set into the roof. In 2000, a renovation of the worship space resulted in chairs replacing pews, and the addition of an altar and ambo. The worship space is now flexible and welcoming, and members come from far and wide, representing a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Currently, the church rectory is being renovated to create a space for art classes and cultural events. The rectory has been vacant and largely unused for several years and needs to be brought up to code with new plumbing, electrical work and accessibility features.