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St. Helen Roman Catholic Church

Not an active site.


2300 W. Augusta Blvd.


Ukrainian Village


Pirola & Erbach, 1964


Pirola & Erbach, 1964


This Polish parish was formed in 1913, and in the early 1960s commissioned the present structure, which blends Art Deco, Modernism and tradition - with a Biblical fish motif. The spacious interior and ceiling are decorated to draw all eyes to the altar, which is illuminated by light coming through slits in the walls. The stained glass contains mostly geometric patterns in small fragments of bright, unfiltered colors. A life-sized bronze statue of Pope St. John Paul II greets passersby on Augusta Boulevard.

Polish doughnuts for sale

Traditional Polish paczki (a type of doughnut) will be available for purchase for OHC visitors.

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