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Sky-Line Club


307 N. Michigan Ave.




Sat, Oct 16: 10am - 4pm

Sun, Oct 17: 10am - 4pm

Long Lines Photography Permitted Washrooms Available

Building Architect

Vitzthum & Burns, 1925


Perched atop the Old Republic Building, the Sky-Line Club is one of the oldest private membership facilities in the city. Nearly 100 years ago, an old ale house from the Sussex region of southern England was carefully dismantled and shipped to Chicago. It was then reconstructed here on the top floor of one of Chicago's early office towers. Paintings and furnishings from the original pub grace the interior today. From within the stately decor of the club, members have watched the city's skyline evolve into a 21st-century metropolis. The intimate space opens onto an open-air terrace with fabulous views.

Visitor Experience

Volunteers will be available to answer questions.