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Ridge Historical Society

Graver-Driscoll House

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10621 S. Seeley Ave.




John T. Hetherington, 1922


The Ridge Historical Society preserves and interprets the history of the Beverly Hills, Morgan Park, Washington Heights and Mount Greenwood communities. Since the 1970s, the group has operated out of the Graver-Driscoll House, originally designed for homebuilder Herbert Graver in 1922. The house is situated on the Blue Island Ridge, a railroad-adjacent natural elevation that attracted the development of large homes and mansions to the area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Architect John T. Hetherington, known for designing other graceful period revival houses nearby, intended this brick and stone Tudor Revival-style residence to nestle into the sloping hillside. The property features walkout terraces and elegant landscaping.

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A short exterior tour led by RHS board members will be offered (weather permitting) of the Graver-Driscoll House, every half hour, 10:30 am to 4:00 pm both days. It will cover the design and history of the house, the Blue Island Ridge, the Ridge Historical Society, and current restoration efforts. The tour will not necessarily be fully accessible due to potentially walking part way down the hill or onto the terraces; tour will begin in the grass circle of the driveway in front of the door when entering from Seeley Ave.

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