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Preston Bradley Center

Peoples Church of Chicago

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941 W. Lawrence Ave.




J.E.O. Pridmore, 1926


This church, designed by a renowned theater architect, boasts a main auditorium that seats over 1200 on three levels. The sanctuary is noted for its superb acoustics-- and for eschewing typical church design elements. A Louis Grell mural 25 feet high graces the auditorium front. On the fourth floors is the Mason Hall with nine 1925 middle eastern wall paintings. The building was renamed in honor of Dr. Preston Bradley, pastor of the church for 66 years and member of the Chicago Public Library board for 50 years. From this building, Bradley was the first Chicago preacher to broadcast services, a ministry which reached a national audience of millions for decades-- and inspired Guiding Light, the longest-running soap opera of all time. The small congregation is quite active, and welcomes other nonprofits' use of the building. The building is a designated National and City of Chicago landmark as part of the Uptown Entertainment District.

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