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4950 S. Chicago Beach Dr.


Hyde Park / Woodlawn


Robert DeGolyer and Charles L. Morgan, 1929


The Powhatan is among the most exuberantly-detailed of Chicago's Art Deco apartment houses. The landmark 22-story building stands out for Charles Morgan's decorative details, including the colorful mosaics that decorate the façade, lobbies and swimming pool, where they suggest the mural abstractions at Frank Lloyd Wright's Midway Gardens. The building retains its original elevator cabs, decorated in burled wood, aluminum panels and etched mirrors. The eclectic Art Deco elements include references to Lake Michigan and Chief Powhatan on the exterior, scenes from around the world in the outer lobby and exuberant flowers and birds decorating the inner lobby. "All the luxuries of an ocean liner," marveled a Chicago journalist at the time of its opening.

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