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Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Jewelers Building

This is an archived listing.


35 E. Wacker Dr., 15th Floor




Lamar Johnson Collaborative, 2019



Situated on the 15th floor of 35 East Wacker Drive is the Chicago Studio for Lamar Johnson Collaborative (LJC). Formerly known as the Jeweler’s Building—a nod to the jewelry trade offices and showrooms originally positioned within—35 East Wacker Drive was designed in the classical revival style. In June of 2019, LJC relocated their growing team from Chicago’s West Loop to their newly designed office along the river. 

Envisioned as a hospitality-focused studio, the design blurs the lines between amenity and workplace. On the north side of the rectangular floorplate, a welcoming reception area is open to visitors and employees, bringing everyone together for formal meetings and casual, impromptu gatherings. Distinct “neighborhoods” comprise the east and west sides, providing collaborative workspaces and breakout areas that support the studio environment. Along the perimeter, between windows, hang large, removable presentation boards, enabling flexibility and ease for repositioning material around the space and encouraging alternative standing collaboration space. Collaboration and flexibility extend to the south side of the office, which is focused on internal teaming. 

The new studio space celebrates collaboration and encourages clients and colleagues to engage in the design process as a partner with design teams.

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