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Kenar Studio


1007 N. Wolcott Ave.


West Town


Sat, Oct 19: 10:30am - 4:30pm

Sun, Oct 20: 11am - 5pm

Photography Permitted





Kenar Studio is the studio of renowned multidisciplinary artist Jerzy S. Kenar, who specializes in monumental paintings, installations and sculpture. The studio--established in 1980--serves as a showroom for many of Kenar's unique works and interactive pieces. Kenar's work appears at several OHC 2019 sites including St. Benedict the African Roman Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Polish Roman Catholic Mission, and Harold Washington Library Center, as well as at O'Hare International Airport, Renaissance Park, Historical Park Rydza Smiglego in Warsaw, Poland, and many other locations around the world.

Visitor Experience

Explore two exciting showrooms and the fanciful rooftop deck, replete with artwork from one of Chicago's best-known artists--who will be on hand to chat with visitors and answer questions.