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Kenar Studio

Not an active site.


1007 N. Wolcott Ave.


West Town




Kenar Studio is the studio of renowned multidisciplinary artist Jerzy S. Kenar. While primarily known for his sculptures and paintings, the studio—established in 1980—serves as a showroom for many of Kenar's completed works and works-in-progress. In addition to wood and bronze sculptures, his projects include avant-garde monumental paintings, interactive sound-and paintings installations, and more. Kenar's work appears at O'Hare International Airport, the Renaissance Park, St. Benedict the African Roman Catholic Church (an OHC site), Harold Washington Library, Historical Park Rydza Smiglego, Warsaw, Poland and many other locations around the world.

Kenar Studio

Visit Saturday evening (6:30pm) to view the world premier of "Dancing Forms," an interactive music-producing art installation by Jerzy S. Kenar.

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