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Garfield Clarendon Model Railroad Club

Clarendon Park Fieldhouse

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4501 N. Clarendon Ave.



Field House Architect

C. W. Kallal, 1916


The Garfield Central Railroad is one of the largest model railroads in the country. Its steward--the Garfield-Clarendon Model Railroad Club--was established in Garfield Park in 1947 and moved to Clarendon Park in 1963. The club meets regularly in the Clarendon Park Field House to build and operate the railroad with the goal of educating the public and their members about the history and operations of railroads. The fifth and current model layout began in 1974 after a remodeling of the field house. It includes approximately 1,500 feet of hand-laid track with reliable operations controlled by a state-of-the-art signaling system. The railroad loops for 25 minutes through a landscape complete with mountains, scenery, towns, and people from 1950's Appalachia.

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