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4740 N. Western Ave.


Lincoln Square / Ravenswood


Sat, Oct 14: 10am - 2pm

Sun, Oct 15: 11am - 3pm

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available


Paul Gerhardt, 1927



The imposing DANK Haus building was originally home to the Three Links Association, a fraternal order. In 1967, DANK (the Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress) purchased it to house their museum, art gallery, library and language school. Today, it offers more than 150 public cultural programs each year across 77,000 square feet of space. It is known by many Chicagoans for its large fifth-floor ballroom and outdoor terrace, but it contains many other hidden spaces and artifacts of interest.

Visitor Experience

The 1st-floor Treffpunkt space will feature an architecture photography exhibit by Warren Perlstein. Also on the first floor will be a Flohmarkt or a flea market with German items for purchase. On the 2nd-floor, the Brauhaus bar will serve drinks for purchase, and there will be demonstrations by the Sch├╝tzenverein and Schlaraffia clubs. The 3rd-floor Kinderschule will be open for people to view, as well as the 4th-floor museum.