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Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School


5088 W. Jackson Blvd.




Sat, Oct 15: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 16: 10am - 5pm

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available Wheelchair Accessible



Designed by Chicago-based architect John Ronan, Christ the King's 94,000-square-foot exterior is a pulsating pattern of fiber-reinforced cement panels in varying sizes, finishes and shades of gray, lending the building a strong visual identity using a relatively inexpensive product. At the easternmost end of the building, the rhythm of these panels is disrupted by another humble material, glass block, which also appears here in an array of sizes to form an intricate patterned wall containing the translucent Chapel of St. Ignatius Loyola within.

Visitor Experience

Staff and faculty will lead visitors on guided tours of the building, departing from the cafeteria every 30 minutes at the top and middle of the hour.