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Chinese American Museum of Chicago


238 W. 23rd St.







The Chinese American Museum of Chicago, or Raymond B. & Jean T. Lee Center promotes the culture and history of Chinese Americans in the Midwest through exhibitions, education and research. This four-story building was built in 1896 as a warehouse and was later home to the Quong Yick Co. before the museum opened its doors in 2005. A devastating fire in 2008 forced the museum to close for two years, while it underwent extensive renovations before re-opening in 2010. The Museum currently featuring many exhibits, such as "Attic Treasures II" which shares the stories of fantastic objects from museum’s collection. These objects, arranged as if they were in a home, help visitors imagine the roles these objects once served for their owners. “Attic Treasures II” can be found on the OHC 2020 app under the Chinatown featured neighborhood experience.