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Bryn Mawr Community Church


7000 S. Jeffery Blvd.


South Shore


Sat, Oct 19: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 20: 10am - 5pm

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available Wheelchair Accessible


Andrew Rebori, 1915


Lowe & Bollenbacher, 1921


Bryn Mawr Community Church was an early commission by Andrew Rebori, built in 1915 while the architect was working under mentor Jarvis Hunt. The original chapel buiding is in the Italian Renaissance style, resembling a church where a group of Italian Waldensians--Protestants from a pre-Reformation movement--worshiped. It features cream-colored brick with red and black trim and a tile roof. A larger limestone-clad Gothic addition was designed in 1921 by the architectural firm of Lowe & Bollenbacher. It includes the sanctuary, which seats 500, and features a Skinner organ and over 30 stained glass windows. The church building, which also contains a theatre, remains in use by the congregation that commissioned it over a century ago.

Visitor Experience

Take a guided or self-guided tour of the first floor fellowship spaces, sanctuary, and second floor theatre.