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Artspace Lofts


11137 S. Langley Ave.
Enter the Block House Gallery through the rightmost set of doors (on a raised porch) at 11137 S. Langley Ave., NOT through the main entrance of the building.




Sat, Oct 14: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 15: 10am - 5pm

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available Wheelchair Accessible


Stantec Architecture, 2021



Envisioned by Pullman neighbors and brought together in collaboration with Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives and Artspace, the Pullman Artspace Lofts are an affordable live-work housing complex centered on artists and creatives, situated inside two Solon S. Beman-designed 1880s Pullman factory town tenement buildings and one complementary new building by Stantec Architecture.

The Lofts contain 38 homes, as well as a gallery, classrooms, community areas and storage spaces utilized by its residents and by PullmanArts, the neighborhood arts nonprofit that originated the project. The project rescued and restored two vacant apartment buildings and filled a long-empty lot between the buildings. It has been an important contributor to the neighborhood's revitalization.

Visitor Experience

Visitors will have self-guided access to the Block House Gallery, a community-run art gallery situated inside the new building. The gallery will feature works for sale by local artists, including residents of the Lofts.