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Art WORKS Projects


625 N. Kingsbury St.


Near North Side


Sat, Oct 14: 10am - 4pm

Sun, Oct 15: 10am - 4pm

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available Wheelchair Accessible


Stanley Tigerman, Margaret McCurry.


Visit ART WORKS Project in their space designed by Stanley Tigerman and Margaret McCurry. Explore past and ongoing installations, delve into themes of home, displacement due to conflict and war, the fight for safety and security, and the long-term realities of those for whom a place to call their own, remains an ongoing struggle. Partnering with their officemates, The International Children’s Media Center and the We All Live Here Project, their shared space will be transformed.

Visitor Experience

Visitors are encouraged to drop by any time between 10 am and 4 pm on October 14 & 15. Engaging site-specific installations and short screenings of documentary shorts, curated by ART WORKS Projects and the International Children's Media Center, will be available for viewing.

Additional programming:

From 10 am to noon on both October 14 & 15, join "Coffee, Donuts, and Conversation." Connect with AWP Board members, staff, friends, and supporters. Gain insights into AWP's impactful work and discover ways to contribute to the power of storytelling.

On Saturday, October 14th, from noon to 2 pm, partake in the "Como Me Vieron, Como Me Veo" Photography Workshop. Delve into the essence of belonging through a dialogue utilizing photography, images, and various artistic expressions. This transformative session, facilitated by AWP's artist-in-residence, Wil Sands, is part of the BordersCruzadas Project. Don't miss this enriching experience!