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St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church


110 W. Madison St.




Sat, Oct 15: 11am - 4:30pm

Sun, Oct 16: 1:30pm - 5pm

Photography Permitted Wheelchair Accessible


Vitzthum & Burns, 1953


St. Peter's was founded in 1846 and moved from an 1865 structure to its current Art Deco home in the 1950s. Uncharacteristically for a church, it immediately abuts the sidewalk and therefore blends in at ground level with the street wall of surrounding buildings. Up above, the facade is dominated by a large crucifix designed by Latvian sculptor Arvid Strauss and executed by Chicago artist J. Watts called “Christ of the Loop.” Since there isn't a typical residential area nearby, St. Peter's is not a regular neighborhood parish. It was originally intended to serve thousands of Loop workers and travelers who sought a convenient church while away from home. But today it also welcomes a growing population of Loop residents. It's not uncommon for 20,000 faithful to line up at St. Peter's on Ash Wednesday to receive ashes on the way to work.

Behind the Scenes

Step into an Art Deco oasis of calm at the Loop's only Catholic church.