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Optima Chicago Center Luxury Apartments


200 E. Illinois St.




Sat, Oct 15: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 16: Closed

Photography Permitted Long Lines Wheelchair Accessible


David Hovey, 2013


This modern luxury apartment building is much simpler than the historic buildings that surround it. Its sleek glass facade is punctuated by two deeply shadowed notches. Each notch marks a floor with lavish tenant amenities: the 10th floor has a gym and swimming pool; the 32nd floor has a club room and lounge. Both areas have great outdoor terraces. The crowning space is the 41st-floor rooftop deck. It features lush plantings, fire pits and a hydrotherapy pool—not to mention one of the city’s most stunning views.

Behind the Scenes

Access the 41st-floor rooftop terrace of this sleek glass apartment high-rise. You'll get up-close views of Tribune Tower, the InterContinental Hotel and other architectural icons.