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Park No. 571 Boathouse


2754 S. Eleanor St.




Sat, Oct 19: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 20: 10am - 5pm

Family Friendly Photography Permitted Refreshments Available Washrooms Available Wheelchair Accessible


Studio Gang, 2016


This is one of two Chicago River boathouses designed by internationally renowned Chicago design firm Studio Gang. The rhythmic design interprets the motions of rowers and beckons to people to engage in new ways with this formerly industrial waterway. Completed in 2016, the boathouse and park have transformed this part of the river into a community-oriented recreational space. The boathouse is actually two distinct buildings that seem, from certain vantage points, splayed apart at the middle like two oars: a boat shed and a community building. The facility is home to several rowing groups, social clubs, and South Side organizations, and is a centerpiece of the 2019 South Branch Framework Plan promoting connectivity to the river for adjacent communities.

Visitor Experience

Both the boathouse and community building will be open to the public. Visitors will have a self-guided experience with opportunities to learn about the boathouse and programming offered through partner organizations.

More Info

Part of the ComEd Sustainability Trail.

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