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Nichols Tower at Homan Square

Original Sears Tower

This is an archived listing.


906 S. Homan Ave.


North Lawndale


Nimmons & Fellows, 1906



When you think of the Sears Tower, rarely does this 14-story structure in North Lawndale come to mind. The Neo-Classical warehouse tower was part of the sprawling Sears, Roebuck & Co. complex. It was once attached to the 3.3-million-square-foot Merchandise Building, which no longer stands. The tower famously broadcasted WLS-AM (World’s Largest Store) radio from its 11th floor. The Foundation for Homan Square's renovation and restoration, completed in 2016, transformed it into a community center and event space with amazing views. Among its tenants is Free Spirit Media, which provides teens and young adults in communities of color on Chicago’s West and South sides with a comprehensive foundation in media literacy and hands-on media production experience.

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