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LVL3 Gallery

Lubinski Building


1542 N. Milwaukee Ave., 3rd Floor
Located to the left of Lubinski furniture; look for the glass door with stickers on the front.


Wicker Park


Sat, Oct 16: 1pm - 4pm

Sun, Oct 17: 1pm - 4pm

Photography Permitted Washrooms Available


LVL3 is a live-work artist-run space on the 3rd floor above the Lubinski furniture store. The building has had a long history of catering to artists of all backgrounds and has been home to many galleries over the years, including the Heaven Gallery. LVL3 was established in February 2010.

Visitor Experience

Visitors are welcome to visit our 3rd floor exhibition space where they can see the group exhibition "Mud Puddling" which features work from Chicago based artist Yae Jee Min and Detroit based artist Frank Lepkowski. Visitors are welcome to browse the work in the exhibition as they with, we will not have guided tours.