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Chicago Maritime Museum

Bridgeport Art Center

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1200 W. 35th St.




1911; Renovation: Lohan Anderson, 2016


Lohan Anderson, 2016


The Chicago Maritime Museum tells the story of Chicago as a maritime city, founded at a strategic confluence of waterways and at various times one of the busiest ports in the world. With a collection of artifacts, ephemera and models, the museum interprets Chicago's maritime traditions and the historic impact of the area's waterways. The museum's home is in the Bridgeport Art Center, which was once the Spiegel Catalogue Warehouse, on the banks of Bubbly Creek. Museum chairman, architect and avid sailor Dirk Lohan donated his design services to the space, which was completed in summer 2016. The museum is a hub that convenes programs and discussions related to Chicago's waterways, and is home to a publications repository for scholarly research as well.

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