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UIC Police Station


943 W. Maxwell St.


Near West Side


Sat, Oct 13: Closed

Sun, Oct 14: 9am - 5pm

Photography Permitted Wheelchair Accessible


Edbrooke and Burnham, 1888


This brick building is a well-preserved example of an early Chicago neighborhood police station. It is built of red pressed brick and Joliet limestone, with three-foot thick walls at the base. For many years it was known as the 7th District station—and some may remember its appearance on the 1980s show Hill Street Blues. In 1998 the Chicago Police Department moved out and the building became the headquarters for UIC police. An extensive renovation modernized the building while keeping the historic lobby and original windows intact. The parapets were rebuilt with custom-made bricks that were the exact texture and color of the originals and the masonry was cleaned and repaired.

Behind the Scenes

View the historic lobby, a basement gun range and (if it’s not in use) the lockup at this 1888 police station, featured in the 1980s show Hill Street Blues.