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The Newport Theater

This is an archived listing.


956 W. Newport Ave.






Developed by a dentist, Dr. Link, in 1914, this recognizable building, its name emblazoned in terra cotta on the parapet walls, has a long history as a community and arts-focused space. Two halls on the 2nd floor (the present performance space) served as a community center of sorts, hosting Daughters of the American Revolution meetings and social dances. In the 1970s, it became home to the Chicago Women's Health Center as well as a dance space. After giving rise to the Links Hall performance space, it evolved into an improv/comedy theater, always featuring many diverse voices over the years, a legacy the Newport strives to continue. The 125-seat theater stages an innovative mix of artist-produced burlesque, drag, comedy, and variety shows. The facility also includes a mirrored dance studio/activity room and a bar, and all spaces are used extensively for programs and private rentals.

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