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Thalia Hall

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1807 S. Allport St.




Faber & Pagels, 1893


Thalia Hall was commissioned by Bohemian immigrant John Dusek. It played an important political role as a meeting place for Bohemian immigrants in the Pilsen neighborhood. The hall was modeled after the Opera House in Prague and named after the Greek Muse of comedy, Thalia. This Richardsonian-Romanesque structure contains a large theater with a second floor gallery that wraps around the room. Following a period of disuse and disrepair that began in the 1960s, the property was fully restored beginning in 2013. The theater is once again hosting concerts and events, John Dusek's original corner tavern has been re-established as a celebrated beer-inspired restaurant, and the basement hosts a punch-focused cocktail bar.

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