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Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church (Chicago Sinai Temple)

Not an active site.


4600 S. King Dr.




Alfred S. Alschuler, 1912



Chicago Sinai Congregation, founded by German Jewish immigrants in 1861, has moved a number of times in its history. This imposing Neo-Classical building was its home from 1912 until the 1940s, when Jewish residents of the Grand Boulevard neighborhood began moving to other parts of the city. The building once included a large auditorium, classrooms, meeting spaces, a gym and a pool. It even housed Corpus Christi High School for a time. In 1961, Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church moved into the building. They brought a strong commitment to social justice and played an instrumental role in bringing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference to Chicago. Mount Pisgah started a neighborhood food bank as early as 1969.

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