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Loyola University Mundelein Center for the Fine & Performing Arts

This is an archived listing.


1020 W. Sheridan Rd.


Rogers Park


Joseph W. McCarthy and Narine Fisher, 1930



The only art deco skyscraper on the North Side features larger-than-life statues of the angels Uriel and Jophiel framing its entrance. Built in 1931 to house Mundelein College, a Catholic women’s college, the "Skyscraper Building" included an auditorium, pool, gymnasium, classrooms, offices and living spaces all under one roof. Today it is owned by Loyola University and designated the Mundelein Center for the Fine and Performing Arts. Stylized art deco embellishments decorate the building inside and out. A major renovation of the building added state-of-the-art theatre, dance and music spaces.

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