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Lincoln Park Conservatory


2391 N. Stockton Dr.


Lincoln Park


Joseph Lyman Silsbee, 1895


Constructed between 1890 and 1895, the Lincoln Park Conservatory was designed by Joseph Lyman Silsbee in collaboration with M.E. Bell. Rendered in an exotic style, the new structure included palm, fernery, orchid, and show houses. A "paradise under glass," the Conservatory supported "a luxuriant tropical growth, blending the whole into a natural grouping of Nature’s loveliest forms." The Lincoln Park Conservancy, a partner of the Chicago Park District, is a non-profit organization at the forefront of historic conservation, ecological restoration, park programming and management. The Conservancy manages the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and the North Pond Nature Sanctuary with the park district, organizes thousands of volunteers in service to Chicago’s largest and most visited part, and raises millions of private dollars to restore and build new park amenities. Originally built in 1889 for raising tropical water lilies, the Lily Pool was redesigned in the prairie style by landscape architect Alfred Caldwell in the 1930s. Caldwell’s design is a tribute to the natural ecology of the Midwest. Designed by Swain Nelson and Olaf Benson in the late 1800’s the North Pond, located within Lincoln Park, is 12.5 acres of native aquatic and upland prairie habitat.