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28 E Jackson Blvd.



Gibbons & Steger Buildings

Marshall & Fox, 1910-1912


Pappageorge Haymes, 2015


Infinite occupies the Gibbons and Steger buildings. It's unique among Chicago's new luxury student housing developments for its unusual layout. Two former office buildings were renovated and connected by a 12-level, sloping glass sky-bridge above Pickwick Court alley. The 19-by-19-foot historic Pickwick Stable Building below was converted into a trendy coffee shop after years of vacancy. Inside, 124 fully-furnished living units are designed to accommodate the surging population of college students in the Loop. The Steger building was formerly the headquarters of Steger & Sons piano company. Its grand lobby was magnificently restored following Chicago landmark designation. A rooftop oasis and patio was added atop the Gibbons Building as an amenity space.

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