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ICA GreenRise

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4750 N. Sheridan Rd.




Fugard and Knapp, 1921


B. Leo Steif, 1926



This elegant white terra cotta Beaux-Arts building was built for the Mutual Insurance Company. It reached its current height with the addition of four floors in 1926. Long-time owner Kemper Insurance Group donated the 166,000-square-foot building to the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) in 1972. It was landmarked in 2013. Today, it's home to the largest one-stop social services center in the Midwest, with 25 different agencies serving more than 1,000 clients each week. Occupying the top portion of the building is a residential co-op organized around a shared commitment to sustainability. Environmentally-friendly features include indoor urban agriculture, a shared kitchen with composting system and a 150 kilowatt, 488-panel rooftop solar array.

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