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Charles H. Shaw Technology and Learning Center

Sears Power House


931 S. Homan Ave.


North Lawndale


Sat, Oct 19: 11am - 4pm

Sun, Oct 20: Closed

Family Friendly Photography Permitted Washrooms Available


Nimmons & Fellows, 1905



This enormous building was once a power plant that provided electricity and heat for the massive Sears, Roebuck & Company complex. It has housed Noble Street Charter School's DRW College Prep since 2009, when a $40-million restoration overseen by the Foundation for Homan Square was completed. Today, cutting-edge sustainable technologies blend with original building features to preserve a connection to the old Sears complex. The US Green Building Council awarded the building LEED Platinum certification due to its many energy-efficient features including a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Visitor Experience

Explore the Power House's great hall, classrooms, unique hallways and more on a student-led tour.