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Bridgeview Bank

This is an archived listing.


4753 N. Broadway Ave.




Marshall & Fox, 1924


Huszagh & Hill, 1928


The dramatic curve of this Neo-Classical building has made it an Uptown icon since its first eight stories were completed in 1924, when it was the home of the Sheridan Trust and Savings Bank. A four-story addition made it soar even higher in 1928. The white glazed terra cotta of the facade contrasts with the olive green terra cotta around the doors and windows, making it look like metalwork from a distance. The grand banking hall features an elaborate plaster ceiling painted in Wedgwood colors that was restored in 1977. The basement vault contains more than 10,000 safe deposit boxes and is protected by two huge doors that weigh more than 50 tons. Bridgeview Bank purchased the building in 2003.

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