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332 E. 51st St.




Sat, Oct 15: 12pm - 5pm

Sun, Oct 16: 12pm - 5pm

Photography Permitted Refreshments Available Washrooms Available


Michael Beavers, Jared James, Sharon Samuels, James Silvestro, Darin Triplett, 2014-2020



Located at CTA Green Line and 51st Street, Boxville is Chicago’s first shipping container-based retail center and street food market. Starting with one box—the Bike Box in 2014—which provides affordable bike repair in the heart of Bronzeville, Boxville has become a 17-container open-air marketplace full of art, music, food and a variety of entrepreneurial businesses. Boxville received the inaugural MacArthur Foundation Placemaking Award in 2019 for its role in transforming 51st Street, and it continues to grow today.

Visitor Experience

Boxville’s founders and builders will lead a tour that includes raw, in-progress and fully completed containers. Visitors will learn how to buy a suitable box and go from a concept to a fully functioning box-based enterprise. The tour will conclude with a discussion of the use of shipping containers for micro retail and small houses, a preview of the future of Boxville and an open Q&A session.