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Stockyards Brick


4150 S. Packers Ave,


Bridgeport / Back of the Yards


Sat, Oct 15: 10am - 4pm

Sun, Oct 16: 10am - 4pm

Photography Permitted


Deep inside the old Union Stockyards is one of America's largest providers of reclaimed brick and building materials. As old buildings are demolished in Chicago, Stockyards Brick salvages and re-sells their bricks, pavers, stone, timber, terra cotta and architectural artifacts for use in projects all over the country. Treasures from several well-known demolished buildings await new uses at this former Swift meatpacking warehouse. The interior of the warehouse, a work in progress, is also being transformed into a unique showroom and office.

Behind the Scenes

Explore the stock of salvaged building materials. See the owner’s office, where some of the most interesting items are showcased.

Part of the ComEd Sustainability Trail

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