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St. James Episcopal Cathedral


671 N. Wabash Ave.


Gold Coast / Near North Side


Sat, Oct 15: 1pm - 5pm

Sun, Oct 16: 1pm - 5pm

Photography Permitted Wheelchair Accessible


Edward Burling, 1871


Clarke & Faulkner, 1875


St. James is the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. The parish dates back to the founding of Chicago in the 1830s. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 destroyed an older church building, leaving only the soot-stained bell tower standing to be incorporated into the present 1875 structure. The warm and inviting interior features significant stained glass windows and elaborate Victorian stencil work. St. James served temporarily as Cathedral in the 1920s, but St. Luke’s in Evanston assumed that role until it was returned to St. James in 1955.

Behind the Scenes

Peek inside the elaborately stenciled sanctuary of Chicago's Episcopal Cathedral.