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St. Edmund Roman Catholic Church

Not an active site.


188 S. Oak Park Ave.


Oak Park


Henry J. Schlacks, 1910



Oak Park’s first Catholic parish was founded in 1907, when they celebrated first Mass in the Scoville Estate’s barn in what is now Scoville Park. Because of laws restricting Catholics from owning property, subterfuge was used to acquire land. Noted ecclesiastical architect Henry J. Schlacks designed the church, which was completed in 1910. Priceless F.X. Zettler Munich-style painted stained-glass windows, installed soon after construction, bring New Testament stories to life. The interior is resplendent with gold leaf, added during one of several mid-century redecorations by master artist John Mallin. The configuration of the sanctuary has changed over the years alongside liturgical practice. The most recent renovation included improved lighting and sound, enhanced accessibility and restored historic details.