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Margarita European Inn


1566 Oak Ave.




Sat, Oct 15: 10am - 5pm

Sun, Oct 16: 10am - 5pm

Photography Permitted


Morrison & Wallace, 1927


The Margarita Club for Working Women became the Margarita European Inn when renovations began in 1989. The structure was originally designed by one of Evanston's first female residents with the support of a nearby Catholic church. The renovation preserved the elegant Grand Parlor—with its arched windows, fireplace and French doors—as well as the cozy English Library tucked away off the main stairs. Most of the building has been renovated into comfortable hotel rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a luxury unheard-of in 1927. A seasonal roof deck has been added for guests to enjoy.

Behind the Scenes

See the cozy Grand Parlor and intimate English Library in this historic boutique hotel.